Installing and running

The simplest probably is to launch this program as WEB application. Then only one  file USB-I2C.application will be download to your computer.  

In the case you decide to  install this program into disk of your computer, you have to start setup.exe.  It unpacks self into 2 files: USB-I2C.exe and Microchip MCP2221DLL-M-dotNet4.dll  , that are necessary  for run on 32 or 64bit Windows.  For older OS than Windows 7, i.e. Vista or XP SP3 maybe you also need to install USB driver   or/and .NET library. This free program is built direct in C# of "Visual Studio 13 community", which is designed for education. Software is signed but not certified CA and so warnings appear during install, although no malware hides inside program.

 Then run USB_I2C.exe file:


You need to connect  the computer and the MCP2221 USB/I2C bridge  by  USB  cable with mini-B connector. Next you connect  bridge  and slave ICs by I2C bus: SCL,SDA,GND, 3.3 or 5V power (if missing).  Bridge works as a master, and if  other master IC is connected yet,  probably you need to disconnect it. You can choose "Device" from upper  menu strip . Besides of general I2C device for the present you  may choose among 5 of types  from hundreds of interesting  devices:

24CXX                   Serial EEPROM

ADXL345              3-axes accelerometer(see picture)

DRV10983           BLDC motor driver (DRV10983  is described in particular manual).

DS1307                 Real time clock and calendar

MCP4725            12-bit D/A converter

TC74                      Temperature sensor


On menu File you can download or upload .hex , .csv or .bin file on disk to registers or memory of device.